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The causes of droopy eyelids and how you can lift them

Do you feel in top shape, have you slept enough and are totally motivated, but your facial expression is more like tiredness and boredom ? This is probably due to the so-called drooping eyelids . These lead to your eyelid not being visible at all or only partially visible despite your eyes being completely open. This creates the impression of heavy and tired eyes.

What do you mean by droopy eyelids?

Put simply, this means a lid misalignment where the skin above the eye is unusually slack . The slack tissue hangs over the upper eyelids , so to speak, and thereby completely or partially covers them. For this reason, pronounced drooping eyelids are often called hanging songs .

Are droopy eyelids considered a disease?

No, droopy eyelids are not actually a disease . If you may have heard of people who have undergone droopy eyelid surgery, it was most certainly for purely aesthetic reasons.

Serious health problems usually only occur if the eyelids are very pronounced . For example, this can lead to restricted vision or skin irritation as a result of constant friction. In isolated cases, those affected feel a feeling of pressure in the area of ​​the eyes.

But don't worry - these symptoms usually only occur with very pronounced drooping eyelids !

Where do droopy eyelids come from?

The big question everyone with droopy eyelids asks is why do I have these droopy eyelids? Could I have prevented this by adopting a different lifestyle?

Drooping eyelids can have different causes . Sometimes several factors come into play that make the eyes look tired.

Genetically conditioned

On the one hand, droopy eyelids can be genetically determined . In this case, they often appear in childhood . Here the skin of the eyelids already bulges at a young age.

Natural aging process

In most cases, however, droopy eyelids only develop over the years as a natural aging process . The elasticity of the skin around the eyes decreases and sags with age. The sagging tissue above the eye descends over the lid. The effect is increasingly enhanced in many cases by the additional sinking of the eyebrows .

We often have elderly people in mind when we talk about sagging tissues or sunken eyes. But we all have to be very strong now - because the connective tissue starts to weaken from around the mid-30s ! This is because it produces less elastin (the firming fiber, so to speak) as well as the cushioning substance collagen .

As you may have noticed, the skin around the eyes is very thin . And it is precisely here that the natural aging process progresses particularly quickly . Overall, the skin tends to become thinner over the years and the water and fat content changes. As a result, the skin loses its elasticity , which can lead to excess skin . This excess skin then manifests itself in the form of droopy eyelids. The excess skin bends to gravity and begins to sag .

personal lifestyle

The development of droopy eyelids cannot be stopped , but you can positively influence them with the right lifestyle. Factors such as smoking, unhealthy nutrition, lack of sleep, UV radiation, stress, alcohol, lack of exercise or even very salty food contribute to skin aging and thus promote and accelerate the development of drooping eyelids .

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