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This is how you make up your droopy eyelids effectively!

Many people struggle with droopy eyelids . Women in particular find it difficult to find the right make-up for their eyes.

The drooping eyelids make the eyes appear tired, heavy and small - no matter how fit or motivated the affected person is. But who doesn't dream of having big, fresh and radiant eyes ?

With a few simple make-up tricks, you can make your droopy eyelids disappear . So that you too can enchant everyone with your look !

Droopy eyelids make-up made easy

As a rule, the lid lid is emphasized with eye make-up. However, as we have explained to you in this article , this is covered when you have droopy eyelids. The make-up must therefore concentrate on emphasizing the drooping lid , focusing on the movable part of the lid .

In the following, we have written a step-by-step guide for your eye make-up, which will make your droopy eyelids disappear !

  1. Before applying any make-up, you should clean your face thoroughly to remove any greasy residue. Then you apply a primer , for example a foundation or normal day cream. Don't forget your eyelids!

  2. Next comes the eye shadow . If you have transparent powder, apply it to your eyelid now so that the eyeshadow adheres better afterwards. You now emphasize the movable lid with a light eye shadow . Cream, beige or taupe shades are suitable for this.

  3. Then apply a darker shade from the same color family. This comes exactly on the area above the movable eyelid .

  4. In the next step, pull the drooping lid upwards from the eyebrow with your fingertips until your lid crease is visible. Now use a brush to apply the darker eyeshadow to the now visible crease of the eyelid . This occurs in the form of a round arc along the movable eyelid. Make sure, however, that you don't apply the eyeshadow exactly in the natural crease of the eyelid , but rather a little further up . In this way you "displace" your eyelid crease optically, so to speak, and your eyelid appears larger . It is important that the shading becomes more intense towards the outside . Conversely, the color becomes weaker towards the inner corner of the eye. Make sure that you blend all transitions well and don't shade too much in the direction of the eyebrows.

  5. Now apply a very light eyeshadow or highlighter under the highest point of the eyebrow. This makes your eyes appear larger and gives you an alert and fresh look .

  6. It is best not to draw a black line on the upper eyelid. The dark color pulls your eyelid down optically. However, if you don't want to do without it, just draw a very delicate line that you ideally blend at the end.

  7. Finally, apply your mascara for a sweeping look . For extra voluminous eyelashes, it is best to apply mascara several times.

The quick solution for the morning

You don't have time for an elaborate make-up in the morning? Then you can simply dab a very light highlighter or fluid under your eyebrows and gently blend. Thus, your eyelid lifts optically and your eyes appear larger.

Make-up no-gos for drooping eyelids

You should definitely avoid the following mistakes if you have droopy eyelids.

  1. Having eyebrows that are too thick , because they look heavy and make the eyes look even smaller. Rather pluck them narrowly and brush them upwards so that the eye is optically pulled up.

  2. Avoid dark shades of eyeshadow! The dark color gives the already narrow eyelid additional depth and disappears even more. Rather rely on light and slightly shimmering nuances - these visually emphasize the movable lid. For an extra kick of freshness, you can also put some highlighter in the inner corner of the eyebrow arch. Your eyes will be optically lifted.

  3. Do without a dark and wide eyeliner ! Concentrate on a very thin line that disappears into the lash line if possible. If you let the arch run a little upwards on the outside , you visually lengthen your eye.

  4. You should also avoid dark kajal on the lower lid! Again, remember that light colors visually highlight areas. So rather put white kajal on the waterline (the last piece of skin between the eyelashes and the actual eye) so that your eye opens up and enlarges visually.

As you can see, it's not that difficult to effectively conceal your droopy eyelids . Just follow the tips above and enchant everyone with your great look !

You're not that talented in terms of make-up or don't have the time for it? Then try the simple alternative - the WUNDERTAPE slip-on lid tapes. These are easy to use and conceal your droopy eyelids in seconds. Nobody will notice that you are wearing the tapes - I promise! And the best part? You can apply your daily make-up at any time even though you are wearing the tapes. Convince yourself!

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