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Which stripes for droopy eyelids are the best?

Drooping eyelids are a common type of eyelid in which the movable part of the eyelid is partially or completely covered by the excess skin of the upper lid. This can not only spoil the aesthetic appearance, but also make it difficult to apply eye makeup. A popular solution for optically correcting drooping eyelids and making the eyes appear larger and more open are eyelid tightening strips or eyelid tapes.

If you are looking for information and tests on the WUNDERTAPE Schluplid Stripes, you will find valuable reviews and experiences on various websites. Here are some references to WUNDERTAPE Schluplid Stripes tests:

  1. Comparison.org : On Comparison.org you will find a comprehensive comparison of Schluplid Tapes, including the WUNDERTAPE Stripes. Read reviews and experiences from other users to learn more about their effectiveness.

  2. Wunderweib.de : Wunderweib.de has an article about droopy eyelid tapes, including WUNDERTAPE Stripes. You may find testimonials and application tips here.

  3. Harpersbazaar.de : Harper's Bazaar has an article about WUNDERTAPES and how to use them to correct droopy eyelids. Find out how this product is resonating in the beauty world.

  4. Liebenswert-magazin.de : Liebenswert-Magazin is likely to have tips on how to use drooping tapes, including WUNDERTAPES, to show you how to effectively conceal your drooping eyelids.

  5. Bunte.de : Bunte.de may have information about a bestseller on Amazon that can help conceal droopy eyelids. Here you could find details about WUNDERTAPE Stripes.

  6. Jolie.de : Jolie.de may have beauty tips on how to make your droopy eyelids look more awake with a simple trick like using droopy eyelid tapes.

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How are they applied?

Applying eyelid lift strips takes a little practice, but you'll become more comfortable with it over time. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Prepare your skin: Make sure your skin is clean and free of oil before applying the strips.

  2. Cut the stripes: Depending on your needs, cut the stripes to the desired length and shape.

  3. Apply the stripes: Lift the movable eyelid and stick the stripe along the natural crease of the eyelid. Press gently to ensure the stripe sticks well.

  4. Applying make-up: If desired, you can apply your eye make-up over the stripe. Most stripes are thin enough to put makeup on.

  5. Remove Stripes Gently: At the end of the day or when you no longer need them, gently remove the Stripes without irritating the skin.

Proper application of the Stripes is critical to achieve the best results. Before committing to a particular brand or type of stripe, read the reviews and reviews on the websites above to ensure you choose the stripe best suited to your needs. Experiment with different brands and types to see which ones work best for you and enjoy the visual transformation of your eyes.

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